I want you to be Empowered!

It is time to take this whole photography thing to the next level! Photography changed my life and I know it is going to change yours.
I know what it takes to have a profitable, sustainable, and meaningful photography business! The mindset shifts. The strategy. The embodiment of an Empowered Photographer. No more playing small.

Bite sized education right to your ears!

This idea came to me on a walk! I was listening to an audio book and thinking about how amazing it is to be able to enrich our minds while we are moving and it hit me... "Elena you can record small audio lessons for your community, like a podcast, but without all the logistics of starting an actual podcast!"

A free, private, audio class! YESSS!

Example Curriculum

  Season 1 Fall 2023 | Empowered by Elena S Blair
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Season 2 Spring 2024 | Empowered by Elena S Blair
Available in days
days after you enroll

Who the heck am I and why should you trust me?

I am so glad you asked!! I am Elena S Blair and I am absolutely and unapologetically a mom with a camera! I just happened to use that camera to start a multiple six figure mini empire.

I photograph Families, Newborns, and Schools using a Lifestyle Approach. I speak at conferences all over the world and I have worked with major education platforms like Creativelive, Kelby One, Adorama, and B&H. I have written for Rangefinder, Click Magazine, Huffington Post and many more. I have been a guest on countless podcasts. Canon sponsors my Mastermind Retreats and speaking engagements which is still very much a pinch me thing.

I have four incredible children and am married to the most wonderful man.

Community over competition is a business model for me and a way of life. I believe that the more heart centered, talented, motivated, photographers there are the better. I hold nothing back with my education and hope to Empower other photographers to grow their own meaningful and profitable photography businesses that they are OBSESSED with!